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Offshore Applications

Oil & Gas

We can help make your business better.

As one of the world's top developers of rubber compounds, AirBoss can offer your firm a valuable opinion on new product possibilities – plus the compound consistency you require.

Clean compound is essential to protect against failures in the oil and gas industry. AirBoss is renowned for clean, consistent compounds that perform reliably under extreme conditions of heat and pressure.

We also bring: more competition to the market, plentiful supply lines of raw materials, and the technical expertise to formulate compounds that outperform the status quo.

Problems in the oil patch today include raw material grade consolidation, the rationalization of product lines, and ongoing price pressures on polymers – likely due to lack of competition. Our global supply chain is the most extensive in the business and usually the most attractive from a cost standpoint.

Our sourcing professionals will find the raw materials you need. Our technical experts will work with your engineers and process people to ensure results.

And with AirBoss, you’ll be working with a stable company in business for the long run. That’s an assurance you can bank on.

Talk to us about applying our formidable technical skills to your business challenges. Better performance at a better price is distinctly possible. With AirBoss.

Call us today at 1.800.294.5723 or register below. An AirBoss Rubber Compounding associate will contact you shortly.

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