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    Cable & Wire Applications
Cable & Wire Applications

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We can help make your business better.

As one of the world’s top developers of rubber compounds, AirBoss can offer your firm a valuable opinion on new product possibilities – plus the compound consistency you require.

With AirBoss, you’ll be able to react quickly to your customers’ needs.

As markets mature in wind and solar power generation, and transmission requirements become more demanding, AirBoss will provide you with clean, consistent rubber polymers that outperform the status quo.

With AirBoss scientific talent on your team, you’ll meet all evolving performance and safety standards – including UL, CSA, and TUV requirements and compliance with RoHS and REACH.

Our technical experts will spend time on your factory floor to develop a thorough understanding of your efficiency needs. We’ll engineer value propositions that deliver an advantage you can leverage.

Supply is assured. Through our extensive global supply network, hard-to-get polymers such as EPDM and CPE are reliably available at competitive prices.

And with AirBoss, you’ll be working with a stable company in business for the long run. That’s an assurance you can bank on.

Talk to us about applying our formidable technical skills to your business challenges. Better performance at a better price is distinctly possible. With AirBoss.

Call us today at 1.800.294.5723 or register below. An AirBoss Rubber Compounding associate will contact you shortly.

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