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    Rubber Compound Varieties
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    Rubber Compound Varieties
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    Rubber Compound Varieties
Rubber Compound Varieties

Rubber Compound Varieties

As one of the world’s top developers of rubber compounds, AirBoss can offer your firm a valuable opinion on new product possibilities – plus the compound consistency you require.

With our innovative formulations, you can develop the edge you need to expand your market presence while adding to your bottom line.

We can also help you fix your headaches. If you’re working with a compound that’s causing difficulties, we have an inventory of waterworks, conduit seal, and elastomeric bridge bearing recipes that could prove to be a superior alternative to your existing formulations. (All our recipes comply with AWWA, UL, NSF, ASTM, CSA, and ASSHTO specifications.)

Raw material supply is assured. Procuring CR has been problematic for infrastructure clients. Not with AirBoss. Our global supply chain is the most extensive in the business and usually the most attractive from a cost standpoint.

And with AirBoss you’ll be working with a stable company in business for the long run. That’s an assurance you can bank on.

Talk to us about applying our formidable technical skills to your business challenges. Better performance at a better price is distinctly possible. With AirBoss.

EPDM Rubber Compounding +

Styrene-Butadiene SBR Rubber Compounding +

Compression Molding Rubber Compounding +

CPE Rubber Compounding +

CBRN Rubber Compounding +

Synthetic Rubber Compounding +

Nitrile Buna-N Rubber Compounding +

Elastomeric Rubber Compounding +

Rubber Extrusion Compounding +

NSF Rubber Compounding +

Stator Tube Rubber Compounding +

Bridge Pad Compounds +

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